new_dealZama offers a range of styles of yoga, including hot yoga, hatha yoga, beginner’s yoga, yin yoga, pre and post natal yoga, private yoga therapymassage and meditation from our Toowong, Brisbane and Toowoomba studios. We also offer yoga teacher training with YIMI. As well as yoga, Zama classes include pilates, zamalates and barre.

Zama is a complete approach to health and wellbeing. Through yoga, pilatesmassage and the other health modalities zama offers, you can find what you need to bring your mind and body back to health.

Yoga is a practice for your mind and body. It increases strength and flexibility, renews cells and calms the mind. Practice yoga regularly and you will feel better with less stress, reduced back pain, and improved posture and concentration. You will have more energy through deeper breathing, and improved blood and oxygen flow. Hot yoga will help you detox, burn fat and stretch further, making real changes to your mind and body. Zama yoga classes are accessible, practical and designed to suit all levels – everyone is welcome, regardless of yoga experience.

Whether you want to relieve stress, get fit, reduce pain, calm your mind or simply be active, Zama can help you.

Check out our Toowong, Brisbane and Toowoomba timetables or contact us.

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  1. Would love some more Yoga classes in Toowong ! Preferably through the day on any week day and suitable for first timers and low fitness level.

  2. Aleesha and I did Hot Yoga this morning, followed with ZamaBox with Ben. Huge workout, almost died haha. Will be seeing the benefits soon (: thanks guys !

  3. Oh bummer! Really wanted to try the hot yoga.
    Im an ashtangi myself, just moved here from sweden and looking for a nearby yoga studio. You guys are close enought and I really hope you will do another free day so I can come🙂

    • Hi MJ

      One of our teachers, Marco, practices Ashtanga. He currently teaches at 6:30pm on Wed and Thurs nights. We have a trial offer at Toowong $25 for 7 consecutive days, unlimited classes, if you would like to come and try it out🙂

  4. Hi Toowoomba Zama, I have been a member before and would love to come back however, I coach from 9am and can finish between 6:30-7pm. Therefore 6am classes would be ideal however, there are only two morning classes at the moment is that correct?

    • Hi! Yes at the moment we just have the 6am classes on a Tuesday (hot vinyasa) and a Thursday (barre bare). We also have a variety of class times on the weekend!

  5. Hi guys I got a message that my yearly subscription payment was unsuccessful but I booked the Toni Childs class on the same CC with no problems. It said to come to the website but I cant find how to rectify the issue.

  6. My Dear Manager,

    My name is Alice, I am Italian Biologist specilized on nutrition. I practice yoga since 2008 and I strongly believe that diet and yoga are style of life. For this reason I had also studied and had taken my Asthanga Vinyasa and Hatha Teacher Certificate in India, the yoga birthplace. Actually I am here in Australia because I want to improve my english and my yoga teacher practice and also I would like to know Australian culture, behavior, food and style of life.
    I had strong experience in working alone and also in team and I am really happy to work in a Australian yoga school. I have spent my first period on Australia at Krishna Village to working in a farm and practice yoga. I would really like to enjoy, work and know your school. Actually I hold a 3 months tourist visa but would like to commit myself to stay at yours for 1 month or 1 month an half. if is it possible I am ready to start on next Monday. My next project will be go back to India to improve my practice and study deeply yoga.
    I really hope to hear from you.
    Have a beautiful week end!


    Email: micheli.alice@gmail.com

    Sent from my iPhone

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